Posted by: gothedistance | March 24, 2008

About Our Building Site and Property

Our property is 10 acres in northwestern North Carolina about a mile off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The property is about half wooded and half open sloping meadow. There are two spring-fed creeks that run through the property.

Right now we refer to the property as “the mountains”. As we drive back and forth from our home in Raleigh to “the mountains”, we have played around with a better name. What we have come up with is “The Lodge at Twin Creeks”. However, we don’t know exactly when there will be a “Lodge”, but we already have the “Twin Creeks”.

On the property we had the choice of building in the woods or in the meadow. While a “cabin in the woods” sounds great, we decided that we would prefer to build in the meadow. Actually at the top of the meadow, which is at 3000 feet. The picture on the masthead shows the location and the view. You can see some of the stakes marking the house location, and a shovel and post hole digger where I dug the test holes for the proposed septic field. (More on that in a later post)

Why did we reject the “woods” location? A couple of reasons. First, we wanted lots of light in the house and we wanted a better view from the house than just close-up views of trees. Second, to build in the woods would obviously require the removal of a lot of the trees just to get a suitable building site. This would be quite expensive. Plus while we don’t want our view from the house to be just trees, we enjoy walking through the wooded part of our property on the old logging roads. That’s one reason we like this site as opposed to the 10 acre site immediately adjoining our property, which is higher but only about 10% wooded.

While we have picked the location for our house, there is currently no “infrastructure” to support a house. Here is what we are working on this year (in about this order):

1. Get permit from county for septic system and well.

2. Build about 700 feet of gravel road to get from the county-maintained road to the building site.

3. Get well drilled

4. Run electric power and telephone service to the building site.

More on these in a later post.




  1. Sounds like a scandalous “made-for-tv” movie on Lifetime. Can’t wait to tune in!

  2. Yeah, it should be pretty exciting, you never know what might happen next…

  3. I’m looking forward to the actual “lodge” being built in my lifetime. I have swatches gathered and sewing needles sharpened. In the meantime there is the “lake” house available for the decorating deva in me. Great web site and lots of fun to look at and see and hear the progress!!

  4. It seems that your writing style has changed “gothedistance” and when do you dig holes?

  5. There are so far 2 writers for this blog, SoccerGirl and gothedistance which is why the writing style changed. A third user is also authorized to post. SoccerGirl doesn’t dig holes, she leaves that work to others.

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