Posted by: gothedistance | March 27, 2008

The House Design – Part 1

So you might be wondering what exactly this “lodge” will look like (especially those family and friends already planning a visit!). We decided early on that we wanted a house that had a “mountain” feel (lots of wood and stone) and one that fit the location. The choices came down to a log home or timber frame. A log home just has too much wood. We loved the simple post and beam look of a timber frame house so that is the way we decided to go.

Want to know about timber frame houses? Check out the timber frame companies we have talked to so far: Goshen Timber Frame Company , Riverbend Timber Framing , and Carolina Timberworks

Once we decided on the timber frame look, we needed a design. There are several options for designing a house from scratch. You can find thousands of house plans on the internet; you can find a builder and use his plans, or you can hire an architect or a professional designer.

So we started looking at lots of timber frame design and plan books as well as timber frame magazines. We saw some features we liked, but not one plan that worked for us. Also because of the orientation of the house location on our property we wanted a design with the main entrance on the side of the house. Of course we also had some “musts haves” for the floor plan.

We decided that what was best for us was to find a professional designer that was familiar with timber frame construction. Eric Morley at Carolina Timberworks suggested that we talk with Drew Sumrell at Woodborne Design in Boone, NC.

After an initial meeting and visit to the site, we knew that Drew was the right person for this project. We hired him in October 2007. He has now finished the design work and we love it. He captured the look we wanted and designed a house that fits our needs and its environment.

So here are the exterior elevations. We will get into the floor plan in later posts.

The “right” elevation is oriented so that the view is down to the valley below the house site and toward the mountains in the distance as seen on the mast head picture.

House Elevation-Right Side

Right Elevation – Click here to enlarge

House_Front Elevation



Front Elevation – Click here to enlarge the front view.





3D View






  1. One snowfall and that house looks like it should belong in Vail, CO. Can’t wait to see the floor plan. Where is our pool going?

  2. Alas, as of now there is no plan for a pool. I suggested at least a hot tub, I believe I was told I could sponsor one.

  3. I have a hot tub I’m willing to donate–I’m just not sure how we could get it from Indiana to NC!

  4. No pool or hot tub?! What kind of luxury lodge is this?!

  5. I’m sure we can figure out a way to get that hot tub down here, we do have some time until it will be needed. Unless we go with a hot tub first then build the house 🙂 We’ll even put a plaque on it in your honor, Catrina!

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