Posted by: SoccerGirl | April 9, 2008

Solo Visit and Pictures

Two weekends ago I took my first solo trip up to Ashe County. Don’t worry, I wasn’t completely alone, a couple of my friends and I decided to go up for the weekend and rent a cabin. I found a cute little cabin for us not far from town and my parents’ property. We had a great time despite the weather turning very cold and rainy/foggy for the majority of the weekend. Here’s a view from our cabin on Friday afternoon, when the weather was nice:

and then on Saturday the view from a similar location when the weather was not so nice: The view from almost the same spot on Saturday afternoon

One of my “assignments” while I was there was to also go by the property and check things out, mainly check and see if our waterbar was still intact. You may remember from one of my previous posts that my dad and I constructed the waterbar on our last trip, here are a few pictures of that process: The process of constructing our waterbar (click on picture to enlarge thumbnails) gothedistance looking for rocks (hiding in the trees) That’s GoTheDistance hiding behind the tree (I think he was looking for rocks or something)

Well, since we weren’t sure of what exactly we were doing, I’m happy to report that the waterbar seems to be intact and working 2 weeks later! The low side of the bar appeared bone dry and the upper part appeared to still be somewhat wet so hopefully it will do its job. Of course the only way for us to really tell would be to sit there during a downpour and watch the water flow, but who wants to do that? Below is the recent picture I took of the completed waterbar: The waterbar 2 weeks after construction-looks like it works!

While we were visiting the property we took the opportunity to take a little walk around and check things out. There are 2 deer stands that some hunters have left in our trees, one looks pretty rusty and not something I would try to sit in for fear of falling out of the tree, but it looked like one of them had been used this past season. It would seem to be a great spot for deer based on the amount of droppings we found as we walked through the woods!

I know my dad has posted a picture of us looking for property but I also thought you might want to see some other photos of the property besides the one on the banner so here are a few I took last summer, when the grass in the meadow was quite high (in some places taller than me! but don’t worry I’m not that tall)

Click on picture to enlarge thumbnails

Looking up towards the house site from the bottom of the meadow This is looking up towards the house site from the bottom of the meadow

Looking into the woods along the bottom of the meadow (general location of the future road to the house)

Looking over towards the next lot at the bottom of the meadow (That’s GoTheDistance in the red)

One of the leftover Christmas trees on the property!


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