Posted by: SoccerGirl | August 11, 2008

We have a road!

View looking towards the bottom of property

View looking towards the bottom of property

So you may recall from my last post that we had met with a road builder and made arrangements to have the road put in. That was back in May and as of this past Saturday I am happy to report that the road has been put in and is now complete! We (Gothedistance, NCmountainmama & myself) took a day trip up to the property to check out the final work and meet with Robbie the road builder to pay him. In addition to putting in the road, my dad also had him fill in an area on one of the old logging roads that had been pretty eroded by water running down it, and he also deepened the area in front of the waterbar that we made a while back (and I wrote about in another post).

Looking up towards top of property (used to be all green)

Looking up towards top of property (used to be all green)

It was a beautiful day to be in the mountains, with low humidity and temperatures only in the 80s, it was a much needed escape from the heat back in Raleigh. We took advantage of this by driving mom’s convertible up this time. Although we were unprepared for being in the sun for so long and all three of us have suffered some sunburn. Of course, there is shade on the property in the woods, but it is unfortunately quite infested with poison ivy, so the choice was made to suffer in the sun rather than risk the poison ivy for those of us who had worn capri pants since we weren’t anticipating doing any work on the property this time.

Mom using the convertible to get a better look across the meadow

Mom using the convertible to get a better look across the meadow

One of the reasons we were in the sun for so long was because while we were there mom & dad met with builder #6 and spent more time than anticipated talking with him. He is a builder from Davidson, NC who has built some cabins in the Ashe County area and is considering moving his business up there. He was on the initial list of builders we received from the architect, but since he wasn’t really local my dad decided not to talk to him first. We have found though that the local builders have been slower to respond with bids, so we expanded where we are looking. In addition to showing him the proposed house site, my parents went through the house plans with him. One of the focuses of their conversation was the fireplace (or actually fireplaces, since they are planning indoor & outdoor ones, as well as a wood stove). The discussion centered around building a Rumford fireplace, which I had heard my dad mention before, but didn’t really know what it was. This particular builder loves these fireplaces and that is how my dad came across his name again and decided to contact him. After discussing the house plans and various changes to them, my dad and the builder took a walk through our woods to check out the possibility of using the creek as a water supply if it was spring fed, rather than relying on a well. This builder seemed very knowledgeable and down to earth, and we all agreed that we liked him, hopefully he will return a good bid!

Looking down from house site (can you see GoTheDistance in the distance?)

Looking down from house site (can you see GoTheDistance in the distance?)

Following our visit with the builder we headed over to a nearby development that was hosting an open house to get some ideas of what’s out there in terms of price and features in both new and resale homes. It was interesting to see a different setting for mountain living, but we all agreed afterwards that we would much rather have our space and the quiet of our piece of land rather than live in a neighborhood.

We headed back to Raleigh after a long day outside, not before stopping at one of our usual places for a quick dinner though, Steak N’ Shake . If you don’t have one nearby, you’re missing out and if you see one you should try it!



  1. I vote for this fireplace

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