Posted by: SoccerGirl | July 12, 2009

Construction begins on Phase 1

(written by GoTheDistance and SoccerGirl)

Yes, you read that correctly, we have finally begun the actual building process!

If you recall from my post on March 27, 2008, Drew Sumrell of Woodbourne Designs completed our house design in early 2008. The total package consists of a 3-bedroom house and an unattached garage. After getting construction bids from several contractors and considering the current economic conditions, we decided last fall not to proceed with construction in the near future.

However, things change and in the beginning of 2009 we began to explore the possibility of building in two phases.  We asked Drew to revise the plans for the garage to incorporate two levels of living space.  The downstairs would consist of a family room, kitchenette and guest bedroom. The upstairs would have a master bedroom and bath. The idea would be to build this space first, keep the upstairs bedroom but convert the lower level back to a garage when we are ready to build the main house.

Click on the links below to see Drew’s design and floor plan. Since the building is a combination of a future garage and a current cottage, it was christened a “garattage” by one of our relatives.  We’re excited to have some place to stay on our own property that isn’t just a tent with no facilities.  🙂

Garage Cottage_elevations


We put the design out for bid to the two builders that we were considering for the main house. The cost estimate for our builder of choice (George Ford of G.A. Ford) was within our budget. So, on July 2, 2009, we signed the construction contract and work began on Friday, July 3!

Photo 1 below shows the “garattage” site on the morning of July 3. Photo 2 shows the site at 6 PM on the same date.  As you can see they wasted no time in grading the land.  It was amazing to see just how much dirt they removed.  We realize now that when we were standing on the top of our property before, we were actually standing about the height of the 2nd floor of our garattage.

Photo 1: 8 AM

Photo 1: 8 AM

Photo 2: 6 PM

Photo 2: 6 PM

As quickly as things got underway at the site, other decisions also had to be made rather quickly.  By the end of 4th of July weekend, the exterior paint color, window style, cabinetry, and flooring were also chosen as well.  After such a long time of nothing really going on with the property it was strange for my mom and dad to have to decide all of this stuff so soon.

We’re looking forward to spending many weekends this fall in our new garattage., and most likely entertaining other members of our family and friends, because as you know “If you build it they will come”  🙂


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