Posted by: SoccerGirl | August 11, 2009

Construction Days: 36-37

Another weekend rolled around, which meant another trip to check on the house progress.  We left Raleigh in the late afternoon, under the hot sun and arrived around 7 to the refreshing coolness of the mountains.  It gave us a good taste of many trips to come and the relief that can be found from the summer heat!  The last time I came up, there was only a concrete slab, so it was with great anticipation that I watched out the window as we drove down the road, waiting to get that first glimpse of the house.  The sun wasn’t cooperating however, and my first view was pretty obscured by the sun shining in my eyes.  Once we got closer though, I could see it clearly, rising above a field full of Queen Anne’s Lace, like a scene out of Little House on the Prairie.  We didn’t spend long at the house on Friday, just enough time to look around and then it was off to dinner in town at Brickstone Pizza & Pasta which was quite yummy and definitely a place we will go again.

You’re probably wondering what was new this time around.  The biggest change was on the outside, all of the siding had been put up and the stone work had been finished with a nice copper detail along the separation between the stone and siding.  Inside, all the electrical and plumbing was roughed in.  The siding still has to be painted though, so the outside will be transformed yet again.

House with siding (That's me at the corner of the house)

House with siding (That's me at the corner of the house)

We returned to the house on Saturday, my dad getting an early start at 7:15, while mom & I took at easy at the home of some friends.  Dad spent the morning mowing the grass around our apple trees until he ran out of gas in the mower.  He came back to pick us up so we could do some measuring inside and take care of a few small things.  When we were there on Friday we noticed that the hill along the driveway, facing the house was showing signs of erosion.  We learned that there was a huge rainstorm up there on Wednesday last week and that was perhaps the culprit.  Always thinking, dad decided to get some rye seed in the hope that it will quickly grow and stabilize the hill so the red clay won’t wash away more.  Apparently he wasn’t the only one with that idea, as we were working to spread seed, we were surprised by a visit from George, our builder.  He mentioned he had come up to do the same thing we were as well as a few other things.   Before George arrived, mom and I spent our time inside the house, measuring the windows for potential window treatments and checking some other measurements for furniture positioning.  We came up with a potential layout for the furniture, and figured that the things we have will fit nicely in the space.  We had hoped that the floor would have been painted, because we’re trying to decide on new fabric for the couch we’re bringing up and want to check it against the floor color.

Dad spreadng rye seed along the hill

Dad spreadng rye seed along the hill

While George was there mom and dad had a chance to ask some questions, and also had a few decisions to make.  One was concerning the placement of the wall mounted gas heater.  George was planning on placing it in the corner of the living room, but mom & I had decided the TV should go there, so another location had to be determined.  In the end we chose 2 locations, both more central to the entire downstairs living area, and told George that he could make the final decision since one was farther from the gas tank than the other.

Mom & Dad with George-I think they're standing in holes  :)

Mom & Dad with George-I think they're standing in holes 🙂

We learned that the insulation will go in this week and they will possibly start putting up the drywall, or at least have it in the house to start on next week.  So the next update will be mainly an interior one, as more of the inside work gets under way.

Before we left to drive home on Saturday, we stopped to water the apple trees and I took a walk back in the woods.  It was amazing how much cooler it felt back there!  I also made some neat discoveries of bright orange mushrooms, purple mushrooms, and a cool orange flower.

Mystery bright orange mushrooms

Mystery bright orange mushrooms

Flower found while walking in the woods

Flower found while walking in the woods

Looking at the "front" door of the house from the driveway

Looking at the front door of the house from the driveway



  1. It’s so cute!! I love it.

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