Posted by: gothedistance | September 3, 2009

Construction Day 57: Changes on the Inside

(edited by SoccerGirl & ncmountainmama)

Last Friday morning, while the rest of the family was busy working,  Joanne and I headed to Ashe to check on the building progress, since it had been three weeks since we had last been on site.  We have been keeping up with things via e-mail with our builder, but that has to be by e-mail and texting since we don’t get reliable voice cellular service on the property.

Not only were we anxious to see what had been done since our last visit, but the timing was also good because Caroline, our builder’s decorator had called on Thursday to say that she had finally located a remnant piece of granite for the bathroom vanity and we needed to pick the tile to match, something best done in person.

Of course, as always, our first stop in Ashe County was at the house. Since the exterior was done several weeks ago, it looked the same except for the enormous piles of trash, wood and drywall on the ground outside (more about that later).  However, just beyond the 3 exterior doors (that’s right, we have 3 doors to our little garattage) a great amount had changed since our last visit.  Inside all the drywall had been installed and primed, the doors hung, trim and the flooring installed upstairs. In the pictures below you can see the difference a few weeks has made.

Kitchenette before

Kitchenette before

Kitchenette area after

Kitchenette after

great room before

Great Room before

Great room after

Great Room after

upstairs landing before

Upstairs Landing before

Upstairs landing after

Upstairs Landing after

Master bedroom before

Master bedroom before

Master bedroom after

Master bedroom after

After checking out the changes, we headed into town and met with Caroline to approve the granite (“rosewood”) and the floor tiles, two of the only decisions we had yet to make about the interior of the house.

Then it was back to the house for trash patrol. It is amazing how much waste is generated in building even a small “garattage”. We tackled one of the three waste piles, separating wood, cardboard, sheetrock, paper and other trash into piles. We then generated almost 40 large trash bags of materials, which we hauled to the very appropriately named “Convenience Center” (it’s only a few miles from the house) Friday and Saturday. At the Convenience Center, Joanne made a new friend.  The man who sits in the chair at the hut and watches everyone to make sure all the rules are kept, noticed one bag that was particularly difficult for Joanne to sling up and in to the container.  He told her, he would help and just to honk the horn if there was a heavy bag.  This was great mountain hospitality. The wood and cardboard are stacked on site awaiting transport by Jim & Dan (second choice: Joanne and Sarah) to the county landfill.  Or perhaps we’ll get creative as Debi suggested and find some sort of use for it all, we’re willing to take suggestions…maybe our very own version of Mt. Trashmore?  We did learn from the carpenter that drywall makes great garden fertilizer! Wonder if that is considered organic?

All this trash made me think of Robert Frost and what his poem Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening might have said if he saw our property: The trash is messy, dark and deep and I have lots more piles to go before I sleep (See picture below).

Trash Pile #1

Trash Pile #1

Well after so long of planning and waiting, the “garattage” is almost finished. We are now just waiting on the cabinets, plumbing fixtures, bathroom tile and painting. We hope to soon be enjoying the peace and quiet of our mountain property, especially during the beautiful fall season!

P.S. Just for Trina we have had an RV electrical hookup installed. We will probably still let you come inside.  Could you go back to South Bend and get that hot tub though?  We have a hookup for that too  🙂


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