Posted by: SoccerGirl | November 6, 2009

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

With the lyrics to the Tom Petty song in my mind, I think I’ve found the best description of where we’re at with the garattage.  There has been progress since the last post and I have pictures to show what all has been done, but now it’s just a matter of a few finishing details, approval from the bank, and we’re free to move in!

Last weekend we had some out of town visitors who had originally planned their trip thinking they would be spending the weekend in our cozy garattage, but alas it was not to be.  Since we weren’t able to stay in our own place, Mom set about finding us another suitable place.  She found the Carolina Mountain Properties website and located a cabin not too far from our property.  It was quite an adventure driving to the cabin, we’ll just say that there were curvy, narrow, steep gravel roads that had to be driven to arrive at a very nice cabin overlooking the New River.  The weather for the weekend didn’t exactly cooperate with our plans so rather than working on the property as dad would normally have us do, we had the chance to to some shopping and eating  🙂  We paid a visit to Greenhouse Crafts & Gifts in Glendale Springs which always has some really cool stuff, and I think almost everyone walked away with a purchase.  Then it was on to some antique stores to look for bargains and unique items.  We stopped in to Fleetwood Antiques in Fleetwood and Antiques on Main in West Jefferson.  Mom found an extra dining room chair for the bargain price of $10 (which she negotiated for) and we all browsed through many items that we could’ve taken home, but resisted for the time being at least.  Of course we also managed to do our fair share of eating as well, visiting two of our favorite local spots:  the Blue Ridge Bakery Cafe in Glendale Springs and Brick Stone Pizza in West Jefferson.  We all appreciated our extra hour of sleep Saturday night since we were up early to bid farewell to our visitors returning to Michigan via Cincinnati.  It was a rainy, cold morning so we departed earlier than usual since there wasn’t much else to do.

A few weeks ago, Mom, Dad & Dan took a day trip up to check on the progress.  That’s when the latest batch of pictures were taken.  Here’s what has happened since the last post:  the kitchen shelves and microwave have been installed


Kitchen Shelves & Microwave (and mom too!)

the outside has been painted


The Garattage is Painted!

the inside has been painted


View of the Wall Color and Light Fixture in the Dining area

the oak floor upstairs has been finished, the bathroom counter has been installed


A look at the Bathroom Counter

light fixtures have been installed, and there is now working electricity, heat and plumbing.  Wow, that’s actually a lot of stuff, now that’ I’ve typed it all out.  I have now seen all of these changes in person and let me tell you how great it all looks and how excited we all are at the prospect of finally spending time in our very own garattage.  One thing that I must correct is the description of the floor color.  After further inspection we have reached the conclusion that it is not “fire engine red” but rather a “brick red”.

Hopefully my next post will share the details of moving all the furniture in and setting everything up!  In between now and then we will keep ourselves occupied with furniture painting, small woodworking projects, and shopping for odds and ends.


Mom & Dan outside the front door



  1. That’s a good looking guy in the black hoodie!

    • Thanks, Stash. He looks kind of mean I think, like one of those motorcycle riding cops.

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