Posted by: SoccerGirl | December 8, 2009

Moving Weekend!

For most families, the day before Thanksgiving is spent traveling to see each other, shopping for last-minute groceries, or maybe even cooking some things for the next day.  For our family this year was a little different.  We spent the day before Thanksgiving packing up items that had filled my parents’ garage and other areas of their house into a U-Haul destined for Ashe County and our finally completed garattage!  It was truly a family effort as mom, my sister-in-law and I carefully wrapped and packed breakables into boxes, while my dad and brother carefully loaded everything into the truck, making sure that it would all fit perfectly and survive the 3 hour drive.

Dan and the very carefully packed truck

Thanksgiving morning arrived and rather than sitting at home watching the Macy’s parade, we gathered to head west and move everything in to the garattage.  We made our own little convoy with a U-haul truck and 2 SUVs loaded with stuff for both the weekend and that would stay at the garattage permanently.  Even Jake, my brother & sister-in-law’s dog came along on the trip.  Shortly after 1:00 we arrived, found the key to the front door and made our way inside to check out the finished work.  After a quick tour we began unloading furniture and boxes.  We realized then that we hadn’t thought to bring a broom or mop and the concrete floor was pretty dirty, and of course we didn’t want to lay our nice clean area rugs on a dirty floor, so mom and I went off to Wal-Mart to retrieve needed supplies, while the others stayed behind to continue unloading what they could.  We felt a little guilty going to Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.  After picking up a broom, mop, and some other items we thought of as we walked around (like trash cans), we stopped by the storage space to pick up 2 area rugs and a chair and headed back to the property.  By the time we got back progress had been made, there were beds set up in each room, the stove and refrigerator were in place, now all that was needed was to clean the floor and arrange everything else.  After a long afternoon of work (and an additional trip to Wal-Mart by my dad & brother) things were pretty well set up so we gathered around the table for nice hot bowls of chili, then relaxed for the rest of the evening, calling it an early night since we were all exhausted from working all day.

Dad & mom negotiate the temporary walkway

Dad found a unique way to carry a chair upstairs (with some guidance from Debi)

Friday morning arrived cold and windy, most of us were up early, those that woke around 4 (not to go shopping) were treated to some snow flurries, which didn’t last long and didn’t stick around.  The workday began outside cleaning up the last of the trash piles to make use of the U-Haul to take everything to the Convenience Center.  After filling up many, many trash bags, everything was loaded into the truck, and everyone except me went to drop it off and return the truck.  I stayed inside where it was nice & warm to put the remaining kitchen stuff away and organize the shelves that will serve as our pantry.  I wasn’t alone though, as Jake was there to keep me company.  Soon everyone returned and we had company, our builder George and his wife Carole stopped by to do a walk through and also brought us a very nice wreath for the front door.  Then my mom’s friend Ann stopped by as our first official non-family, non-builder visitor.  Later in the afternoon we took some time to relax and headed over to Boone for some shopping & dinner.  We paid a visit to a (very crowded) Mast General Store mostly we just wandered around, but I did score a nice pair of black corduroy pants on sale  :).  Soon it was dinner time, at least we thought it was dinner time.  When we returned to the car one of the tires looked kind of flat, so we took a detour to a gas station for some air, and my brother discovered something had cut the tire, so at 5:30 on a Friday night we went in search of a tire store, finding one that was still open, and they very graciously fixed the tire before they closed at 6.  Finally it was time to eat and our destination was the well-known Dan’l Boone Inn.  We joined the line of people huddled inside the small enclosed porch and anxiously awaited the feast of country cookin’ that awaited.  There are no choices about what you order, except dessert.  It was a great dinner and we all left stuffed full of biscuits, country ham, fried chicken, veggies and dessert.  We did discover though that if you don’t want to wait in line getting there later is better, something to remember for the next time.

Enjoying a little breakfast around the table

Saturday became Thanksgiving day this year.  We brought the turkey and all the fixins with us, well except for those things that mom realized she had forgotten once she started baking her cherry pie, like wooden spoons, rubber spatulas, a can opener, you know nothing really important  🙂  Our small kitchen area served us well and the majority of the day was spent preparing our first feast in the garattage.  We even toasted to the new house at dinner, then enjoyed one last night all together.

A view from the living area towards the dining & kitchen areas (even Jake got in a picture)

Our kitchen "nook", small space but great meals were made!

On Sunday it was time for the “kids” to leave, I had to be back at work Monday morning, so we loaded up the car and headed off.  Mom & dad stayed behind until Monday afternoon, finishing up a few tasks and enjoying more of the peace and quiet of the mountains (it was probably a lot quieter without us and a dog there!)  Now we have many more mountain weekends to look forward too with both family and friends!  Look for more pictures of the finished interior in future posts, too.

Hiking on the property above ours, it was a little chilly, can you tell?



  1. YAY for the garattage!!!

  2. When do I get to start posting my adventures, or is that a whole new blog?

    • I can add you as a writer anytime, of course now we do need to change the name of the blog from Adventures in Mountain Home Building to Mountain Home Living.

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