Posted by: SoccerGirl | March 31, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

It has been a long time since I added any blog entries, and I have one word to explain my absence…SNOW!  Yep, it seems that old man winter decided this was the year he was going to dump his white powdery stuff all over the NC mountains and keep us from spending time in our new house.  According to the almanac information on Ray’s Weather (our favorite source for local weather conditions)  Boone received 84″ of snow this winter, and although we are farther east, I am sure that we were not too far behind.  It seemed like every weekend snow was predicted and then the shocking thing…it really happened, like every weekend since Christmas until about 3 weeks ago when we finally got to see the ground again.  It was neat though to have our web cam up and running (at least most of the time) so we could see the current conditions even though we couldn’t get there ourselves.  Mom and dad made one day trip up sometime in January, but even then had to park the car at the bottom of the road and walk up to the house because they were slipping and sliding on the driveway.

So it was with great anticipation that I returned last weekend.  The snow was melted and temperatures, at least on Saturday were predicted to be in the 60s and sunny.  Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway was a bit shocking.  The last time I was on the Parkway was our brief attempt at Christmas (see previous entry for description).  There were tree limbs and branches all over the side of the road, so many that it made you think a tornado or something must have just come through, but it was all from the repeated snow and ice storms over the winter.  We were all wondering how it would get cleaned up and who would do the cleaning because it seemed like such a huge amount of work.  When I got home this caught my eye on one of our local news station’s website and sort of answered our questions.

Me standing between the two trees at the trail entrance

Saturday morning dad was up early using his chainsaw to clear some of our own downed limbs for the walking trails through the woods, while I slept in and mom did some work cleaning the inside of the house.  I made my way outside to see what dad was up to and in wandering through the woods found a spot that I thought would make a nice trail along part of the creek and would connect the upper and lower logging roads that run through the property.  Naturally dad was more than willing to use his chainsaw to clear some branches and help establish a clear path area using stakes and spray paint.  While we still need to do some work to help make the path easier to navigate on the steeper slope, it looks pretty good already as you can see from the pictures.

Pointing out the two trail options: creekside or uphill

Of course, we made sure that the whole weekend wasn’t devoted to work by meeting some friends for lunch and then taking a drive to check out a furniture place as well as our usual trips to Lowe’s and Wal-Mart in town.  We returned home for a relaxing evening of NCAA basketball watching and decided to rearrange the living room furniture to put the TV in the corner rather than in front of one of the windows.  We’re still deciding whether or not we like it, so any thoughts on the arrangement would be appreciated  🙂

Living room arrangement before

Living room arrangement after (notice the nice sunrise out the windows)

One of the biggest changes since my last visit is the addition of a stone walkway from the parking area to the front door as well as some landscape plants along the foundation.  The plants appear to have not done so well over the winter, but we’re hoping they might recover with a little water and TLC when we are there.

Plantings along the side of the house

The new walkway leading to the front door


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