Posted by: SoccerGirl | June 2, 2010

Land of the Tall Grass

Again it has been a long time since I’ve posted anything, and I know all of our loyal fans have been awaiting more posts.  So here I am, actually sitting at the table in the garattage as the rain falls outside.  Yes, it is another rainy Memorial Day weekend here in the mountains, although it only rained a little bit yesterday afternoon, but today it has been a rainy, cloudy morning.  If you look back at my post from last Memorial Day weekend, you’ll see that rain on this weekend seems to just be how it is here.

A lot has changed in the meadow since I was last here in March.  The grass has grown up to about waist high, or just a little higher for us short people, which led to my dad bringing his lawn mower up to cut some of the grass right around the house so we could have someplace to sit and enjoy the mountain air.  He also wanted to cut the grass around our apple orchard, which we planted last year and is doing very well.  Although we don’t have any apples yet, we are hopeful that in another year or so we will be enjoying delicious mountain grown apples of our own.  In amongst the grass of the meadow are some wildflowers, right now the most prominent ones are the white daisies.  We all look forward to watching as the wildflowers appear and wonder what will come up next.

Some of our daisies

2 of our apple trees!

I have to finish this post from home since we all had to be back at work on Tuesday  😦

One of the other changes since I was last here is the addition of two bluebird houses.  We found out that one of the best places to put them is in open meadows so my dad bought 2 and installed them near the house.  I’m happy to report that both are occupied, as evidenced by the picture below.

Well, hello neighbor

On Sunday we invited some friends over for our first cookout.  We went old fashioned and used the charcoal grill.  The food was delicious, there’s nothing like the taste of burgers cooked over charcoal.  The weather was beautiful so we got to enjoy some time sitting outside and look forward to many more nights of grilling and sitting in front of our fire pit.

Dad manning the new grill and enjoying the front "lawn"

We also discovered that our woods are completely covered with ferns, walking along the trails they were everywhere!  It looked like we had started a fern farm.  It is always amazing how the landscape changes as the seasons change.  Back in March there were no ferns and we made a new path, this weekend the ferns were so numerous we couldn’t even tell where the path was that we created.

One of the coolest things we saw this weekend were the lightning bugs.  They were everywhere, even up in the trees!  It was almost like seeing the bio-luminescent plankton in the ocean.

Now that the school year has ended and I have more time on my hands, expect more frequent posts.  I plan to share some of the projects we’ve completed around the house as well as our hopefully more frequent trips during the summer months!

Clouds gathering over the hill just before the rain


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