Posted by: SoccerGirl | June 24, 2010

Fun, Fire, and Father

In hopes of escaping the heat at home we packed up and headed to the mountains for Father’s Day weekend.  Mom & Dad left early Friday morning, while I stayed behind to watch the US vs Slovenia in the World Cup, then met up with my sister-in-law and Jake the dog to drive up early in the afternoon.  We didn’t have any specific plans for the weekend, well, my dad planned to do some meadow mowing and weed spraying, but other than that the whole weekend was open for whatever we wanted to do.

First, a few updates on things I’ve written about in previous posts.  We were happy to discover that one of our apple trees has begun producing apples!  We weren’t really expecting to see any until next year at the earliest, so it was quite satisfying to see them already developing!  Our bluebirds are also still happily making their homes in the houses we provided.  Dad was able to capture (using the camera) one of them feeding  in the morning.  A very good example of “the early bird gets the worm.”

Bluebird with his morning worm

Our first apple!

So Friday night we decided to head into West Jefferson to listen to some live music outside and grab some dinner.  From May-September the town hosts free outdoor concerts on the 3rd & 4th Friday of the month, so we were lucky to have a performance this weekend featuring the Sheets Family Band.  We brought chairs with us, but decided to combine dinner & music and sat outside at Brick Stone Pizza, whose outside seating gave the perfect view of the stage where the band was performing.  After dinner we walked around the town a little and then made our way to Good Ole Days for some ice cream.  The ice cream really hit the spot and since this was the first time I had been there, I’ll definitely be going back.

The Sheets Family Band performing in Backstreet Park

Saturday morning we were up early and had a plan for at least part of the day.  I had read in the Jefferson Post about a benefit yard sale on Saturday, and since Debi is a big fan of yard sales we made plans to go to that one and also looked up others that were going on as well.  Mom, Debi & I loaded into the car, leaving Dad home to do some yard work and set off on an adventure around Ashe County.  We were able to find some good things, with Debi making the majority of the purchases and my mom & I picking up a few little things.

We planned to make dinner at home on Saturday night followed by our first outdoor fire and s’more making.  We managed to get dinner made, but while we were eating a storm rolled in.  It never rained at our place, but we watched the lightning and heard the thunder all around us.  This of course meant we had to postpone the fire until the storm had passed.  Finally it did and we set about starting the fire.  It took a little work but after a few tries got the fire going and were able to enjoy our s’mores.

Getting the fire ready before the storm rolled in

As you know Sunday was Father’s Day and I told my dad we could do whatever he wanted, so we planned to go for a hike Sunday morning to Mt. Jefferson.  We had attempted several times before, but it seemed to rain every time we were thinking about going up there.  We were half prepared for this to happen again, but fortunately it was a beautiful, sunny day.  It was a pretty long drive up winding roads to reach the top of the mountain, we passed a couple of overlooks on the way, but decided to save those for the way down.  When we reached the top we got out and decided to take a 1.1 mile loop trail.  Some parts were steep, but overall it was a pretty good trail and the end view was definitely worth the hike.

View from Luther Rock

After the hike, at one of the overlooks on the way back down

Once we got back to the garattage it was time to pack up, clean up, and head back home.  The weekend seemed to have gone by too fast once again.


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