Posted by: SoccerGirl | August 10, 2010

In a Fog

Have you ever felt like you were walking around in a fog?  Last weekend I had that feeling, only I was literally walking around in a fog for almost the entire weekend.  Mom, Dad & I headed up to the mountains for the weekend, I had just finished my first week back at school and needed a nice relaxing weekend, so I figured where better to do it than the mountain house!  We also had out first non-family overnight visitors come along.  My parents’ friends, Joe and Joann came along and brought their little dog Scruffy.  Friday evening when we arrived was beautiful the sun was shining, it was warm, but not too warm, and that night it cooled down nicely.  We even got a glimpse of our wild turkey friends as they flew out of the brush and in to the trees.  It was great to escape for the mid 90s-100s we’d been experiencing at home in Raleigh.  Being the avid weather watchers we are, we had checked the forecast before leaving home and knew it might rain Saturday afternoon.  Mother Nature it seems had other plans though.

We woke up Saturday morning to clouds and rain off and on, sometimes hard, sometimes just a mist.  We were a little disappointed but the low temperatures made up for it, as it only reached the low 70s.  After a delicious home-cooked brunch we decided to head into town and show our guests around.  Our first stop was the Ashe County Farmers Market, a favorite stop for not only local produce, but goat cheese and jam too!  We picked up a few items and then decided to visit another favorite, the Ashe County Cheese Store.  Now this is not just a store that sells cheese, it sells cheese that is made in the factory across the street.  We picked up some cheese for appetizers that night as well as to bring home and enjoy later.  We then headed for lunch at another spot that is becoming a favorite in West Jefferson, the Hillbilly Grill.  After enjoying lunch we began the drive back home, stopping to tour a neighborhood where some other friends live along the way.  As we were getting closer to home we noticed it had become foggy, and soon we were socked in.

The "view" from the house (compare to the header picture at the top)

We made the best of it though, by staying inside, enjoying a great dinner with friends, and playing a lot of Wii games.  It was fun to create new Miis for our guests and show them how the different games work.  Sunday morning came and I hoped the fog would have lifted, but when I looked outside it was still there…oh well, at least it was still cool outside.  We decided to go out for breakfast after I reminded my dad he had imposed a “no cooking on Sunday” rule once upon a time.  So we headed to the nearby Blue Ridge Cafe, just a few miles away in Glendale Springs.  From there our guests departed for home and we headed back to the house to do some work for a few hours before heading home.  Dad spent time using the string trimmers to cut some grass along the driveway and in the lower part of the meadow, as well as trimming some ferns that had grown up in one of our trails through the woods.  I set about finishing a project my mom had started, lining the planting areas along the house with small stones.  I definitely got a good workout as I filled a bucket with rockets and then carried it up the hills and to the house.  the next day I felt the tightness in my hamstrings from my “mountain stair-climber”.  It was well worth it though, as the finished product looked really good.  Mom had to spend her time doing some computer work for her job, but she checked on my progress.  I also took advantage of my time to get some pictures in the woods, since the fog was down there too and made it look really neat.  I discovered some cool spiderwebs and mushrooms along the way too.  I even got another wildflower picture, as the Queen Anne’s Lace is now in bloom in the meadow.  Before long, it was time to clean up and head home, another weekend gone by too fast.

Looking up one of the old logging roads through the woods

One of our many fern covered areas

Queen Anne's Lace up close



  1. Beautiful pictures!

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