Posted by: SoccerGirl | November 10, 2010

Field of Gold(enrod)

This is a much delayed post, but as they day: better late than never!

This past weekend brought another chance to visit the mountains.  The weather has finally turned more fall like, and I am so happy.  I was hoping that some of the leaves might already have changed, but it’s still a little early.  Mom, Dad, and I headed up on Saturday afternoon since we had some other obligations earlier in the day, but fortunately we were able to stay until Monday so it was like a regular weekend trip, just shifted over a day.

Since we didn’t leave until late in the afternoon the question of what to do about dinner came up quite early in our trip.  Dad had actually given this some thought and researched a couple of places we could get take out from in North Wilkesboro, which is about 30 minutes from the mountain house.  The two restaurants were Amalfi’s and Branciforte’s Brick Oven and we decided to order pizza from Branciforte’s.  Mom made the call and when we got in to town, we headed for the restaurant, which was in the downtown area.  To our surprise, the main street was closed off and we had to go around trying to figure out exactly where to park since none of us had been there before.  We find the restaurant, walk inside, and my mom tells them what we ordered.  They come back and say that didn’t have an order for us.  So mom checks her phone and sure enough had dialed a different number.  She called the number and it turns out she called Amalfi’s and they had our food!  We drove over there, which fortunately was on our way to the house and got our pizza.  It was a little hard to sit in the car with the enticing aroma of the pizza for the rest of the car ride but it was worth it in the end as it was quite good and hit the spot perfectly.

The rest of our weekend we fell in to our normal mountain routine of working a little outside, working a little inside, going in to town, watching movies at night, and just enjoying the quiet and beauty of mountain life.

A little fall color found among the fallen leaves

The meadow is filled with goldenrod



  1. I LOVE that second picture! So pretty. You may have to give me some photography tips because you’ve taken some amazing photos recently.

  2. Aww, thanks Susan. I’m amazed sometimes at how well the pictures turn out since my camera’s not a fancy SLR. I’ve learned a lot from watching more experience photographers on some of my trips.

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