Posted by: SoccerGirl | December 22, 2010

We have reached a milestone!

I was gently reminded last week by one of our blog fans that I hadn’t written anything in awhile, so I figured I better get back to work before all of our loyal readers disappear…

The milestone I refer to in the title happened over Thanksgiving weekend.  It was our one year anniversary of moving in to the garattage!  We have definitely made improvements to the landscaping around the house and rearranged some furniture inside.  We have enjoyed being able to spend time at the house, of course every time we go up the time seems to pass too quickly.

We headed up to the mountains on the day before Thanksgiving looking forward to enjoying some good food and relaxation.  Mom, Dad and I arrived just before lunch time and after getting things settled inside made our way in to town for some lunch and grocery shopping.  We decided to visit one of our favorite spots, Sweet Aromas.  They make everything from scratch and you always get a little bite of dessert with your lunch, in this case it was pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting, perfect for the day before Thanksgiving.  After hitting the grocery store for some items we didn’t have or bring from home, we headed back to the house to wait for the arrival of Dan, Debi and Jake.  Once they arrived and we ate some dinner, preparations started for Thanksgiving.  Dan was responsible for cooking the turkey and the process began with making a brine and submerging the turkey overnight.  This year when Thanksgiving rolled around we weren’t moving furniture, but baking, cooking, and eating  lots of yummy food.  We did take a break before dinner and had target practice courtesy of Dan and his assortment of firearms.  We were able to set up a little shooting range with a wide variety of targets to try and hit (bottles, pine cones, cans).

Dan begins carving the turkey (he's concentrating very hard)

On Friday, Dan, Debi and Jake headed out in search of some bargains at thrift stores in Boone, but after not being very successful found their way to a grist mill in Trade, Tennessee, where they took a tour and purchased several items to bring home.  Mom, Dad, and I hung around the house for awhile then made our way in to town to visit the farmer’s market and get a few items for projects we planned to do over the weekend.  We also took a drive down one of the mountain roads to check out a place my mom had heard about through a friend.  On our way back to town, Dad decided he wanted to stop at the Museum of Ashe County History which is located in the old county courthouse.  We were met by two enthusiastic women who took us through the exhibits and explained quite a lot of the history.  It was really neat to see some of the pieces they had acquired and they were making also constructing a cool replica of the Virginia Creeper Railroad.

Saturday brought a chance for a little work and an educational outing for myself and my dad.  Work came first of course.  My dad decided it was a good time to build another water bar, which we had done almost 3 years ago (See Choosing a Builder part 1 post from March 2008 for details).  The same road was being eroded further up by water coming down from the adjacent property, so we added a second water bar, which didn’t take too long since we had some experience.  Apparently right after we were there it rained quite a bit so hopefully our work held up, although it may be hard to tell since they have had snow since then too.  After putting in the required work, it was time for the educational part of the day.  I had read that the New River State Park was having a program on Saturday afternoon about animal signs.  Since we have seen some animal tracks and scat around the property I thought it would be interesting to go and see what we could learn.  It was a very informative program, starting with a park ranger going through a presentation on different signs that animals leave behind, followed by a short hike outside to put some of our newly acquired skills to test.  We saw many different signs that animals had been along the path we were walking, but the most interesting was the trees that had been newly cut down by beavers and the dam that they had begun building across the river.  We returned home to meet up with the rest of the family and decided to go out for dinner to a local pizza place called Pie on the Mountain where we enjoyed two great pizzas.

The dam the beavers had begun to build across the New River

Freshly cut tree courtesy of a beaver

Water bar #2

Sunday seemed to arrive too soon as it always does and it was time to clean, pack up and head home.  Another mountain adventure had come to an end, when the next one would take place we were unsure, hopefully after Christmas we’ll be able to make our way back up to enjoy the winter wonderland that awaits!


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