Posted by: SoccerGirl | May 23, 2011

Celebrating Mom in the Mountains

The weather has warmed and the flowers are beginning to bloom, which means it’s time to visit the mountains more often!  Our latest trip took place over Mother’s Day weekend.  Mom and Dad left in the early afternoon on Friday since they had rented a trailer to take the riding mower up to the house as well as a special item that couldn’t fit in the car (more on that later).  I had a meeting after school and wasn’t able to leave until later so Debi and Jake were my traveling companions.  We left Durham around 5:45, but unfortunately due to pouring rain, an accident and stopping for dinner we didn’t end up arriving in the mountains until about 9:45.  I was definitely looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing all weekend since the previous two weeks had been extremely busy for me.

Now to the special item that took center stage for the weekend.  It all started with a trip to Lowe’s the last time mom and dad were in West Jefferson.  Mom had been wanting a picnic table for awhile and especially now that the weather was getting nice enough to spend more time outside knew that we could get a lot of use out of it.  They saw picnic tables for sale for $88 and my dad said he could build a better one, so…to the internet he went and found plans for a picnic table.  This was not your typical rectangular table though, he chose a hexagonal plan and soon set to work building.  He decided the best plan was to cut the pieces at home, mark them, and then assemble them up at the house.  He made sure to bring a few extra pieces of wood, just in case the pieces didn’t quite fit together as planned.  Thus the additional need for the trailer.  Dad, as usual, was up early Saturday morning and after mowing some of the meadow started working on assembling the seat portion of the table, trying to line up all the angles and get everything assembled just right.  Once the seat was assembled it was time to put together the top.  Fortunately he had labeled most of the pieces and it was pretty easy to identify which ones went where.  After awhile it was time for some lunch and a break to enjoy our surroundings.  The table turned out really nice, it’s definitely better than any table that could be found at Lowe’s, and certainly won’t blow over anytime soon!

Beginning the table assembly

Adding the legs!

Finished! and it even supports people sitting & standing

While we were outside watching and helping dad put the table together we noticed the bluebirds were hanging around one of their houses and bringing food back, which meant we had babies!  We could hear them chirping when the parents returned with food.  At one point when both the mom & dad were gone I took a peek in the house ans sure enough there were babies, but it was hard to tell exactly how many.

Papa Bluebird brings lunch to his babies.

The weather was very nice on Saturday so we decided it would be a good time for a hike.  We headed over to the Cascades (which dad & I visited in March) since it was a pretty easy hike and we knew Mom and Debi would enjoy it.  Even Jake got to come along!  We hopped in the convertible and cruised down the Parkway with the top down.  There were quite a few people at the parking area, and along the trail, but it wasn’t too crowded.  The hike did not disappoint, the falls were amazing, and it was nice to finally see some leaves on the trees and a few flowers starting to come out.  After hiking we were driving back home when we spotted these really cool looking cows along the Parkway.  I made mom pull over so I could get out and take some pictures (I wasn’t the only one with that idea as 2 other cars stopped as well)

After snapping a few photos, we continued home and then made our way to town for church and dinner at one of our favorite places, Brickstone Pizza & Pasta, which we followed up with a visit to Good Old Days for some ice cream.  By the time we got back home we were all a little on the tired side, we tried to watch a movie but soon all of us were sleepy and had to call it a night.

Isn't he cute? But where are his eyes...

Sunday morning arrived and it started kind of rainy but soon cleared up and the sun came out.  We celebrated Mother’s Day with a homemade brunch before we got to work finishing the picnic table since it was mom’s present.  All in all it was another fun weekend in the mountains, and as usual we would’ve liked to stay longer but it was back to work on Monday.  Soon though we will be able to stay longer, because it’ll be summer time!  We’re even expecting our first way out of town guests, as some of our family from Michigan will be joining us in June.

Jake enjoys a little drink from the creek along our hike


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