Posted by: SoccerGirl | September 7, 2011

Girls’ Weekend

It has been awhile since I’ve been up to the mountains but two weekends ago I made my return along with 5 of my girlfriends from college for our annual reunion weekend.  I was excited to see everyone and get the chance to show off the house and surrounding area.  We all arrived on Friday, driving from Virginia, South Carolina, the Triangle, and the southern NC mountains.  Sadly two of our friends couldn’t make the trip but we knew they were with us in spirit, as we brought along Barbie versions of them too.  Of course I arrived first so I could get things set up and go to the grocery store.  My friend Katie rode with me since we only live about 20 minutes apart.  We got to the house around lunch time and decided to go and get something to eat while we were on our way to the grocery store.  I thought of different places we could go and decided we should stop at one of my family’s favorite places, Sweet Aromas.  As usual it did not disappoint, we both had their homemade egg salad which came with chips, a drink, and a dessert bite(an orange cake with cream cheese icing).  The dessert bite is probably the best part of going there, it’s just enough of something sweet to be the perfect end to a meal.

We spent Friday night catching up with what had been going on in everyone’s lives and didn’t end up going to bed until almost 3 in the morning, which is certain to be one of the latest nights the garattage has seen, if not the latest.  Saturday morning we took our time getting up and lounged around the house for awhile.  Despite it being extremely windy due to Hurricane Irene off the NC coast, it was still a nice day so we decided to go hiking in the afternoon.  My friend Jenny stayed behind with her daughter Ansley since she was too little to accompany us on the hike.  The rest of us loaded up in one of the cars and headed down the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Cascades.  I had given the girls a couple of choices about where to hike and they thought the Cascades hike sounded good, in hind sight it was probably the best choice since one of the other places I suggested was Mt. Jefferson where we would have been hiking on the ridge of the mountain.  As windy as it was we may have been blown right off the mountain!  We all enjoyed the hike, especially hanging out at the falls and taking pictures.  I did notice that there seemed to be less water flowing over the falls than the last time I was there.  After some time admiring the falls and the surroundings we made our way back up to the car and then back to the house before heading off on our next adventure.

The Girls at the Cascades (click to enlarge)

The Cascades (click to enlarge)

I mentioned to the girls that there was a roller skating rink in town and we thought it would be a lot of fun to go roller skating since we were going in to town anyway for dinner.  It was decided that our best bet was to go before dinner, so we showered, changed from our hiking clothes,  packed socks and loaded up the car for the trip to town.  Now, the last time I went roller skating was on my 21st birthday when I was kidnapped and taken blindfolded to a roller rink, I think all of these same girls were present that time too.  I wasn’t too nervous about going again, but there were some concerns about falling among the group.  We arrived at the Skate Zone to a pretty empty parking lot.  Inside we paid our 7.00, laced up our skates and hit the floor.  The woman working at the desk told us to let her know what songs we wanted to hear and we had lots of fun skating to some of our favorite songs.  Before long we were tired and getting hungry so we called it a night and left for dinner.  I am happy to report there was only one minor falling incident involving 2 of the girls, nothing too serious though.  I decided the best place to take the girls for dinner is another one of our family favorites in West Jefferson, Brick Stone Pizza.  It was delicious as usual and everyone left stuffed full of good food and several of us carried to go boxes with leftovers.  We got back to the house and spent more time talking, the fun of the day eventually caught up to us and we headed to bed a little earlier than the night before, around midnight.

Wofford Roller Girls!

Sunday morning arrived too soon and after a filling brunch we gathered together one last time, took our annual group photo, and everyone headed off in their separate directions.  It was a great weekend catching up with friends and I enjoyed getting a chance to show off a little piece of the NC mountains.

The Girls 2011


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