Posted by: SoccerGirl | December 31, 2012

Christmas in the Mountains

So the last post I wrote was about summer time and somehow here I am writing about Christmas…where did the time go?  It was a busy fall, which unfortunately meant very few mountain trips were made.  But with Christmas comes time off from school, which means time to head to the mountains!

Since we built the garattage we have always headed up after Christmas, but this year we decided we wanted to be there on Christmas, so on the 23rd we all packed up and headed west.  Mom, Dad and I arrived first, after an early morning start and the surprising discovery of a nail in one of our tires when we made a pit stop.  Fortunately it was wedged in pretty well and the tire didn’t seem to be losing any air, so we continued on our way.  After the usual taking stock of what we had in the house and getting everything set up, mom and I made the customary run in to town for supplies and a few last minute Christmas items.  We made the rounds of Wal-Mart, Lowe’s & Ingles and after a couple of hours were back home.  As we pulled back in the driveway we were greeted by dad and Jake out for a walk.  We settled in for the evening with Dan making us dinner which was delicious as usual.

Our mini-tree, perfect size for the mountains (we have plenty of big trees outside!)

Our mini-tree, perfect size for the mountains (we have plenty of big trees outside!)

Since Monday was Christmas Eve and quite a foggy day we spent our time hanging out at the house, minus a run in to town by Dan & Debi for a few things so Dan could make some Gingerbread cookies.  While they were gone, mom & I took some time to make another cookie batter, for French Cookies, a traditional cookie that my mom’s family makes.  They look like mini waffles and are made 2 at a time in a special waffle iron heated on the stove.  It’s just not Christmas time without them.  Since the batter had to chill for awhile, we saved the cookie making for the next morning.  When Dan returned he got busy making gingerbread men, he even made a glaze to put on top,  They turned out very good and we all happily ate them for dessert that night.  We decided we were going to church on Christmas Eve, so about 3:30 we headed in to town since we thought the church would be quite crowded for 4:30 mass.  Turns out it was not the popular mass we thought it was going to be.  We arrived a little before 4 and were the only car in the parking lot, it almost seemed like there was no mass going on.  Soon though another car pulled up and we went inside.  The church was decorated very nicely for Christmas, with a beautiful tree right up front covered in white lights.  After church we went back home and enjoyed a low key dinner of minestrone soup, salad and cornbread.  As we munched on our Gingerbread men we enjoyed watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (classic 1960s version) before heading to bed to await Santa’s arrival 🙂

Santa will be needing Rudolph to make it through this!

Santa will be needing Rudolph to make it through this!

Christmas morning we woke up to bright sunshine, presents under the tree and stockings filled-hung by the roaring TV fire courtesy of Netflix:)  Since we are just a bit older there wasn’t a rush to open presents and we were all moving at our own pace getting up and ready.  I started my morning by making the French cookies since the batter was well chilled.  Once we were all gathered and ready we opened our presents, with some assistance from Jake the dog who was anxious to remove any wrapping paper for us.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and hanging out together before we all headed home on Wednesday.  There were a few activities for the day, a little target practice with Dad and Dan, Dad and I took a hike across our neighboring properties, and the annual Christmas Vacation viewing as well as The Grinch (cartoon version).

View of the grattage from across the way

View of the garattage from across the way

Wednesday morning we were greeted with rain once again and the possibility of sleet/freezing rain/snow, so we decided to quickly pack our things up and make our way home.  Before we left we were treated to a brief snow shower, which was nice to see especially since it lasted only a brief time and didn’t interfere with our travel.  It’s always just a little bit easier to leave when the weather isn’t bright and sunny.


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