Posted by: SoccerGirl | July 16, 2013

Here Comes the Rain Again

Ever think that your life should have a theme song?  Well the week of 4th of July I felt like our theme song was “Here Comes the Rain Again” by the Eurythmics, because it just rained and rained and rained while we were up in the mountains.  Now, we did know ahead of time that there would be rain, but I don’t think any of us was prepared for exactly how much rain we got.  We’re talking at least 10 inches of rain in the course of a week.  We’re used to hardly any rain in NC during the summer and things take on a slightly brownish tinge, no worries of a drought this summer!

Normally our mountain trips are full of outdoor activities: mowing the grass, weeding, hiking, target practice, walking, strolling around town.  This trip however was a little different.  My dad went up on the Sunday before the 4th so he could mow the grass, which was perfect timing because starting on Monday (or maybe it was later Sunday) the rain came down.  This was bad timing for my brother & sister-in-law since they were driving up Monday night and ran into the heaviest rain to the point where they weren’t sure they would make it to the house because the road us partially washed out.  Fortunately they have a tall SUV and were able to make it.  Mom and I headed up on Tuesday and had to go through a driving rainstorm about an hour into our trip.  We had planned to take the convertible, but given the uncertain weather conditions it was decided it would be better to drive my small SUV.

Since we couldn’t spend much time outside we found other ways to occupy our time.  On Wednesday Dan, Debi and I headed up to VA to check out some thrift stores in Independence and Galax.  We found some good stuff and also managed to stop for lunch at a great BBQ place called The Galax Smokehouse, which was the perfect spot for a rainy day lunch.  After a day of shopping we headed home via the Blue Ridge Parkway where we got our wildlife sightings in for the day.  We saw 2 deer, 2 wild turkeys, a rabbit and a turtle.  We stopped on the side of the road to check out the turtle because he was quite a large fellow.  That night we all went into town for dinner at one of our new favorites, Boondocks Brewing Tap Room, which not only has a great beer selection but also great food.  In fact we would return there for lunch on Saturday.

Thursday the 4th brought more rain and we spent the day hanging around inside, amusing ourselves with TV, our computers/tablets and books/magazines.  Unfortunately Dan & Debi had to head home, so we bid them farewell and continued to watch the rain.  Since it was so rainy and cloudy there weren’t many fireworks going off around the house.  In the past we have seen some pretty good ones in the distance over the mountains, but I guess rain changes all that, so it was a quiet night.


Thought it was so cool that a rainbow appeared up in the clouds, if anything at least we got to see some cool clouds this week

Friday brought, surprise, more rain in the morning, but around noon the sun came out!  At first we thought it was a tease, but it stayed out for like 5 whole hours!  Mom, Dad & I took advantage of this dry, sunny time to head in to town, grab some lunch, and stroll around.  We knew that it would be crowded in town because of the holiday weekend and the Christmas in July festival that started Friday night.  We ended up at the newest restaurant to open, The Hotel Tavern, which we found out from our waitress, had just opened on Wednesday with a partial menu.  We had heard a lot about the place and knew it was in the former Brick Stone Pizza location, so we were curious as to how the inside would look.  Immediately walking up we could see improvements to the patio area, which is a great place to sit when the weather is nice and when there’s music at the Backstreet Park.  Inside you could smell the new wood that had been used in the renovations.  We were led to one of the dining rooms, which used to be the entrance to the pizza place, but now sported comfortable banquette seating and wainscoting.  Several times we heard the staff explain to others that this room could be closed off for private functions, which is nice to know.  While the food took a little while to arrive (new kitchen and all) everything we had was good and we look forward to going back and trying more of their menu items.  After lunch it was still nice enough for us to wander along the shops and of course stop for an ice cream treat at Good Ol’ Days before walking back to the car and making our requisite trips to Lowe’s and Wal-Mart.  Since the rain actually let up and the sun came out I was able to get some pictures in, turns out this was the only day I took pictures the whole week.


Saturday we knew that we were planning on going into town for the Christmas in July Festival as long as the weather was ok.  It was pretty nice when we got up, so we figured it was best to go ahead and get ready and make our way in to town before the rain came back.  We met up with some friends and wandered among the booths of craftspeople, looking for a few items, but mostly just seeing what there was to see.  After checking out all the booths it was time for lunch and as I mentioned before we ended up back at Boondocks.  Since we weren’t hanging around for any of the music performances we headed back home for a little while.  Dad decided since the weather was still ok he would mow the grass again (it had grown that much in just a week) but mom and I decided we were going to check out the closest shopping opportunities to the house, the Northwest Trading Post on the Parkway and Greenhouse Crafts in Glendale Springs.  Both are places we have been before, but there are new owners for the Trading Post and it had been awhile since we had been to either place.  While we were shopping we figured out what we were making for dinner and that we needed to run back to town and get a few things from the grocery store for dinner as well as some movies from Redbox.


Dad decided he needed to leave on Sunday afternoon to be back at work on Monday, but mom and I weren’t quite ready to leave yet so we decided to stay and come home on Monday.  Sunday was mostly a rain free day, that is until mom & I decided to go in to town and get pedicures.  When we left the house all was ok, but as we got closer to town the clouds got darker and darker, then the rain came pouring down, we could hear the thunder and see the lightning.  Fortunately the nail place has very close parking so we didn’t get too wet on our way inside.  Since we were in town anyway, we figured we should grab dinner somewhere, which can be a little tricky on a Sunday night.  We thought about going over to Boone, or down to North Wilkesboro, but since it was still quite rainy decided to stay close and try out another place we hadn’t been to yet, Casa Garcia.  Pulling in to the parking lot we weren’t sure they were open, because there was only one car close by, but the sign said they were open so we took our chances.  The food was quite good, probably one of the better American Mexican places I have been to and the prices were very reasonable.  It did start filling up once we were there, and was busy when we left.

Monday morning arrived and of course it was the most beautiful day we had!  The sun was shining, there was no rain, and we were planning on going home.  If you want something to make you less motivated to leave the mountains, a beautiful, sunny day will certainly do it.  We did take advantage of the great weather to do some planting.  We had bought new lavender and rosemary plants and needed to get them in the ground along with some sunflowers we were trying to start from seed.  While I planted, mom enjoyed some time relaxing in the sun.  We debated not going home until Tuesday but decided we should go ahead and clean up and pack up.  We really delayed as long as possible and didn’t end up leaving until 5:00, so I think we took pretty good advantage of the nicest day of our trip.



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