Posted by: SoccerGirl | February 18, 2015

Snow day like today for an update…

As promised, I am trying to be better about posting updates this year.  We got a mix of snow/sleet/freezing rain Monday night and Tuesday morning, so I’m hanging out at home and thought it’d be the perfect time for an update on construction.  I was last up at the house over MLK, Jr. weekend, when the weather was considerably less cold and less snowy than it is currently.  I knew after that weekend it would be awhile before I would be able to get back up there because of soccer season starting up.

View of the house from across the field

View of the house from across the field

The most exciting update from my last trip was the completion of the timber framing on the front porch.  Our builder, George took on this project and the end result is absolutely beautiful.  Starting around early December there were beams sitting inside the house that he was using to frame the porch.  He fit and assembled everything inside and then once it was completed put it in place on the porch.  Everyone will definitely know this is the front door of the house!  Other notable work done on the house includes completion of the stone work around the foundation and on the chimney.TimberframePorch

In addition to observing the work done on the house since my last visit, we also had some fun while we were up there.  We had the chance to have dinner with our neighbors and a couple of friends at the usual spot in town, Boondocks, on Saturday night.  Since it was a holiday weekend I was able to stay until Monday, along with dad (mom unfortunately had to go back to work).  We took advantage of the warmer than normal weather and abundant sunshine to go for a hike.  We decided to hike at the New River State Park 221 Access on the River Run trail, which we had started to hike a few years ago, but had to stop because we got caught in a major downpour.  We thought it would be a good hike for this time of year because the brush would be gone so we could see the river.  It was a pretty easy trail, relatively flat for a good portion, but then it did start climbing from the river’s edge up the valley to the park road.  We completed the loop by hiking on another trail to get back to the parking lot.  Along the way we saw quite a few birds darting in and out of the low brush and a lone deer.  We also checked out the remains of a building near the trail, only the chimney remained and a few stones marking the outline of the building.

Looking from the back of the chimney towards the New River

Looking from the back of the chimney towards the New River

After our hike we returned home and began the process of packing up and cleaning before heading back East.  Of course along the way home we had to stop at one of our favorite spots for lunch, Little Richard’s BBQ in Yadkinville. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Work of course has continued on the house, with the shingles being added to the roof.  Skylights put in place on the porch, outdoor fireplace mantle and flooring for the interior waiting to be installed.  More updates to follow as work progresses…


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